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I purchased my first smart phone on June 18th, 2010 for $89.99 on ebay, it was the original Android phone, the G1. I purchased that phone with grand intentions of trying to make it in the world of mobile development, now after more than a year of delays and procrastination I decided to finally give it a shot. Using this blog I will be sharing my experiences, tips, lessons learned and rants of frustration as I follow my goal to become a successful mobile developer.

My first goal is to recoup my initial investment. So far I have spent money on

  • Used T-Mobile G2  - $300
  • Android Market Fee – $25
  • Android Development Book – $50
  • Total = $375.00

If you are also a new comer to the mobile world, I should let you know that some of these expenses are unnecessary and if you are strapped for cash you don’t need to spend as much as I did. For example you do not need an Android phone but I would highly recommend it, the Android emulator is really laggy on my laptop and takes forever to boot. There are a lot of cheaper Android phones available,  you don’t have to get the newest or best phone, I got my current G2 off ebay in February, 2011 so I imagine the price would have dropped for this particular model since then.

No offence to the authors of the book, but you really don’t need a book on development either, I purchased one because I don’t like reading for long periods on my laptop, and it gave me an overview of where I should begin, but I found as I ran into difficulties searching online can get you your answers much quicker than a book.

The Android market fee? There is no substitute for this; you might as well save your money. There are other alternatives like and which are free but most of my traffic came from the Android Market and I think this is generally the case for most developers as well.

That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions for me feel free to email me at, I usually respond very quickly.

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